• Image of Spring / Bluebell Photoshoot Session

***Blossom / Bluebell Sessio ***
Create Beautiful Special Memories of your children.

Blossom / Bluebell Photoshoot Session Fee £25
* Reserves your time and date for your session.
* Up to 30min
* 1 x 10x8” Print
* This shoot is for 1-3 children ages 1+
* Pets are welcome - please give prior notice in advance.
* Secure online Gallery

Additional Digital images
10 Digital images = £50
All Digital Images = £75

Prepare for your PhotoShoot

Clothing - I recommend plain clothing avoiding patterns and logos. Jeans/denim are always a good safe option. Whether you choose to go for bright , bold or pastel colours this is your personal preference. Try to consider what suits your taste, style and skin tone. Try to colour co-ordinate where possible.

What will happen in case bad weather?
In case of a cloudy day we will be happily photographing away, as it actually softens the light and makes everything looking beautiful on photographs. In case of rain or severe weather we would reschedule for a later date.

How to book a session ?
Message me to arrange a date , time or location, then simply click below to secure your session with the booking Deposit.

Terms & Conditions
Max 3 Children per session
Deposit £25 non refundable if no show
No Mobile Photos to be taken in the session